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Timber Frame Construction Details

During construction, the final details of any timber frame home are always the most fun to see come to life. Get our expert advice on lighting fixtures, flooring options, window installation, kitchen fixtures and more.

Timber Terms Demystified
Traditional timber framing vs. post-and-beam…what do they mean?
The Secrets Behind SIPs
Structural insulated panels are among the most energy-efficient building products you can buy, boasting impressive R-values and...
Your Checklist For Finalizing Construction Plans
You’re on track to build your home this year. What do you need to discuss with your general contractor or builder before the sa...
wormy maple flooring
How to Maintain Your Wormy Maple Floor
Wormy or ambrosia maple is known for its white and dark wood tones, but it can lose color over time. Here's how to keep your wo...
What is a Party Barn?
A Rustic Barn for a Timber Home in the Finger Lakes
This rustic barn structure was built to include two separate living spaces: a large area with a bar for entertaining, and a sec...
exterior party barn
All About Party Barns
A symbol of American tradition, backyard barns have become the place to be for good old-fashioned fun! Here’s what you need t...
Your Guide to Designing a Timber Frame Barn Home
Your Guide to Designing a Timber Frame Barn Home
Barn-style homes are having a big moment in the sun. Check out these tips and trends to help you achieve that look in your timb...
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Are Geothermal Heat Systems Efficient?
Are geothermal heat systems really as efficient and cost effective as you think?
Are Exotic Hardwoods Worth the Cost?
Are Exotic Hardwoods Worth the Cost?
What are the benefits of exotic hardwoods for exterior spaces, and are they worth the cost?
4 Unique Timber-Frame Traditions
4 Unique Timber-Frame Traditions
In the timber-frame construction process, there are a few steps and traditions not found in conventional home building, and the...
Timber Frame History: Learn About This Old-World Practice
Timber Frame History: Learn About This Old-World Practice
With its roots firmly planted in Old World Europe, the tradition of timber framing branched out to North America and grew strong.
The Case for Straw Bale Timber Frame Homes
The Case for Straw Bale Timber Frame Homes
Why straw bales are increasingly popular for timber-home walls.
Benefits of a Pier Foundation
Benefits of a Pier Foundation
Learn about the uses of a pier-and-beam, or pier foundation, and the pros and cons to building this construction style.
What is a Solar Tube?
What is a Solar Tube?
Solar tubes — also known as sun tubes or tubular skylights — can help to permanently light your home without using extra energy...
3 Amazing Timber Frame Floors
When you’re designing a custom home, picking out flooring is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Not only ...
5 Hot Trends in Wood Floors
These stunning wood floor trends will take your timber home to the next level.
What Designers Wished You Knew Before Building
What Designers Wished You Knew Before Building
Have you ever wished you had the inside scoop on what designers wished their clients knew before planning a custom home?
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We Answer The Common Questions + Myths about Hybrid Homes
Davis Frame Co. co-founder and president Jeff Davis answers questions often asked about building a hybrid home.

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