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A number of elements contribute to your unique timber home design. Get expert advice on decor, furnishings, timber frame finishing materials and floor plan design.

new featured lake house decor
Our Favorite Finds for Lake House Decor
Whether your log or timber home is on the lake or you simply want to create a waterfront vibe, these decor finds will help you ...
This Great Room Proves Just How Cozy a Neutral Palette Can Be
Turn Your Outdoor Space Into an Oasis
The “staycation” concept may not be new, but it’s recently become the norm. Outdoor living is the key to keeping our sanity now...
Here's How Home Offices Are Changing
The pandemic inspires designers to permanently reinvent the humble home office.
The Latest in Smart Technology
No longer reserved for the Jetsons, home automation and connectivity is a reality for anyone who wants it. Check out seven of o...
10 Secrets to Creating a Stress-Free Space
Your design guide to a happier home:
Space-Saving Solutions for Timber Frame Homes
Downsizing your square footage doesn’t have to put the squeeze on your comfort.
Your Guide to Stone Accents for Timber Homes
Using stone — real or faux — to accent your log or timber home is a solid design decision. We’re here to help you decide which...
Shop the Look: Mix Master feature image
Shop the Look: Mix Master
Steal this sleek bathroom's style for yourself with these fab finds.
Little Luxuries
Little Luxuries That Have a Big Impact
5 income-friendly indulgences that will make you enjoy every moment you spend at home.
Striped Decor
Stylish Striped Finds for Timber Homes
Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal, crisp lines or organic strokes, you'll earn your interior design stripes with these ...
Touchless technology for forever homes
Touchless Technology That's Perfect for Forever Homes
With unexpected colors like rose gold and even two-toned finishes, you can enjoy outfitting your forever home with these touch...
Universal Design in the Kitchen
Whether you’re cooking up a kitchen for a family member with special needs or just want to design a space that will work both...
The Most Innovative Fireplace Options on the Market
These smart fireplace products promise the irresistible warmth and glow of a fire without the fuss — plus some fancy tech featu...
Inspiring Timber Home Fireplace Design
Great rooms and fireplaces are as synonymous as salt and pepper, but the way you play with your hearth’s size, shape and materi...
The Real Deal on Masonry Wood-Burning Fireplaces
Bright Ideas for Timber Home Lighting
From rustic wood details to industrial patina metals, these bright finds will shed some light on your log and timber interiors.

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