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Hybrid Timber Home Construction

Hybrid timber frame houses are unique in their use of mixed materials, including reclaimed wood, stone, antique wood siding, and more. Here you'll get our best advice on hybrid timber home construction, and how to work with a builder to get the right mixture of materials for the style that is right for you.

How Clean is Your Home's Air?
We often take indoor air quality for granted, but the fact is the air inside your home could have more concentrated pollutants than the air outside. Here’s how to test your home's air quality.
The Timber Frame with Amazing Views
Conventional vs. Naturally Built Timber Homes
What are the biggest differences between conventional and naturally built homes?
What is a Natural Timber Home?
What exactly is a naturally built timber home, and what sets it apart from other homes?
5 Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Materials Into Your Home
Here are a few of our favorite options on how to use reclaimed materials in your timber frame.
We Answer The Common Questions + Myths about Hybrid Homes
Davis Frame Co. co-founder and president Jeff Davis answers questions often asked about building a hybrid home.
What is a Hybrid Home?
So exactly what is a hybrid home? A hybrid home is designed and built from a pleasing combination various materials--for example,…
Hybrids Homes: The Perks of Combining Logs and Timbers
Thinking about building a hybrid home? Here are our expert tips on combining logs and timbers like a pro.
Using Reclaimed Wood in Timber Home Design
Vintage charm and one-of-a-kind character make reclaimed wood a winner with homeowners.
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Home
Building a hybrid home is one way to achieve the signature timber frame appearance while controlling overall costs.
Getting Creative with Natural Materials
How creative can you really get with natural building materials?

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