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Timber Home Maintenance

Getting Bugs to Stop Bugging You
Protecting these groundskeeping heroes while controlling the garden bad guys is a balancing act, but there are some simple strategies that may help.
Tip: Easy Does It
Follow these five quick tips to minimize upkeep.
Prepping Your Water Heater and Plumbing for the Holidays
The holiday season is for visiting loved ones, eating delicious food and snuggling up by the fire in your timber home. Emergency …
How to Prepare Your Timber Home for Hurricane Season
While warm weather means summer adventures, it also means the start of hurricane season. If you live close to the coastline, it’s…
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No-Fail Gardening Tips for Success
For gardening success, follow these three top tips for planning, planting and growing at your home.
Take Your Garden to New Heights
Convenient to use and easy to manage, raised beds can help make the most of your landscape. Follow these easy guidelines and you’…
5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills in Check
While the new dynamic promises an improved work-life balance, it will also cause energy use and utility bills to skyrocket with t…
Keep Your Timber Frame in Tip-Top Shape
Six Steps to a Healthy Timber Home
Keep your home’s interior fresh and fit with these six hints for cleaner indoor living.
wormy maple flooring
How to Maintain Your Wormy Maple Floor
Wormy or ambrosia maple is known for its white and dark wood tones, but it can lose color over time. Here's how to keep your worm…
Donna Peak's Holiday Traditions
Editor in Chief Donna Peak reveals some of her family's favorite holiday traditions. What do your family traditions look like?
4 Types of Lighting Used in Homes
Light is light, right? Actually, no. A variety of light sources are needed for safety, livability and ambiance. It can help you a…
Answers to Your Timber Frame Stain + Sealant Questions
Choosing timber-frame appropriate stains and sealants will ensure your home is as strong as it is stunning.
5 Fall Timber Home Maintenance Essentials
5 Fall Timber Home Maintenance Essentials
Seasonal maintenance is an important part of owning a timber home. Be ready for autumn's arrival by following these five tips.
Creating a Budget-Friendly Bath in Your Timber Frame Home
Creating an amazing, budget-friendly bath has never been easier. Here are five tips to get you started.
How to Get Rid of Porch Mildew
We have a one-year-old timber home that recently went through a snowy winter, followed by a rainy spring, and now the porch timbers have mildew. What is the best way to get rid of it?
5 Hot Trends in Wood Floors
These stunning wood floor trends will take your timber home to the next level.
What Window Treatments to Apply to Large Timber Frame Windows
Have huge windows in your great room? Here's what window treatments to use for your large timber frame windows.

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