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Framing & Trusses

A look at the different timber frame construction options and truss systems.

What's in a (Frame) Name?
Shakespeare may have thought that the words we use to identify objects are irrelevant. We humbly disagree.
Design Details: Choosing the Texture of Your Timbers
The texture of your timbers is an integral part of your home’s frame.
Get an Insider Look at This Home's Timber Frame Structure
An impressive timber frame is the backbone of an awe-inspiring home. Read on to get the scoop on how it’s done.
Expert Advice: Choosing the Right Truss Style
Anatomy of a Timber Frame
Use this handy illustration as a guide to timber frame terminology:
What's the Difference Between Post-and-Beam and Timber Framing?
It's the details that make all the difference after all!
5 Types of Trusses - king post truss
The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Trusses for Timber Frame Homes
In truss systems, engineering and art intersect, creating the open-concept designs that today’s buyers seek. But more importantly…
Timber Frame History: Learn About This Old-World Practice
With its roots firmly planted in Old World Europe, the tradition of timber framing branched out to North America and grew strong.
Hybrids Homes: The Perks of Combining Logs and Timbers
Thinking about building a hybrid home? Here are our expert tips on combining logs and timbers like a pro.
What’s a Timber Frame?
A timber frame is a home that uses a frame structure of large posts & beams instead of the 2X4-stud “stick frames” that are typic…
Essential Timber Frame Key Terms
Dig into the world of timber frame homes with some essential terminology in our glossary!
What Are the Types of Joinery for Timber Homes?
The joinery in your frame not only connects and secures the timbers, 
but also plays a role in transferring the loads and stresses of your house from one frame to another. All of the many types of joints are designed
for specific functions. Some of the most common are described here.
Timber Framing 101: What is a Timber Frame House?
Meticulously crafted and beautiful, timber frame homes are also versatile, energy-efficient and sturdy. But what exactly makes timber framing so unique? We cover everything you need to know about how modern design meets traditional craftsmanship in today’s timber frame homes.

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