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Are Geothermal Heat Systems Efficient?

Are geothermal heat systems really as efficient and cost effective as you think?

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A Relying on natural resources is one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your timber home. A geothermal pump works with the Earth’s temperature, which remains consistent year-round, usually between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
When it comes to heating, geothermal systems are up to 70 percent more efficient than traditional furnaces, and cooling efficiency is about 20 to 40 percent better than air conditioning. There’s the potential to save on hot water bills, too.
But you’ve got to think long term when researching geothermal systems . Installation isn’t cheap — double or even triple upfront costs of a conventional system. However, it’s not tough to recoup the initial investment. There are federal tax credits to be had, some utilities offer rebates and, of course, there are long-term savings on monthly bills. Also, utilities and lending institutions may have special financing programs for homeowners installing these environmentally friendly systems.
Bonus: Maintenance costs may be lower, too, because mechanical parts, which reside indoors or underground, aren’t exposed to the elements. 

Geothermal system options:

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