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Celebrate SepTimber With Us!
Timber Home Living and the Timber Framers Guild are excited to announce SepTimber, a month-long celebration of our craft, community and companies.
Wise Buys for Smart Homes
With the advancement in smart home technology, the phrase “there’s an app for that” has never been truer. Here are a few of the...
Bringing Purpose to the Process
Custom-home construction is a process. A builder understands it, but to a soon-to-be-homeowner, it can feel chaotic. Here’s how...
Getting the Best of Both Worlds
This Colorado getaway has mastered the yin-and-yang of superior design, with spaces that are equal parts relaxed and refined.
These Small Bathrooms Make a Big Splash
Small bathrooms are deserving of strategic design. Make the most of your space with these 10 big ideas for little lavatories.
Survey Reports an Increase in Renovation Spending
See which generation spends the most on renovations, along with other key findings.
Take a Ride to the Past on this Restored New York Carousel
In Buffalo, New York, an antique carousel, housed in a tent-shaped timber frame, gets a modern spin.
Design Ideas are Just ’Round the Corner
See what’s possible with log and timber design when you think outside the box.
Creating a Home for Happily Ever After
Design your log or timber home with long-lasting function and flexibility.
Creating a Single-Minded Design
There’s no shortage of benefits to single-level living. Here are a few–plus some pro pointers!
Grand and Gracious on the Lake
With all the hallmarks of a classic lake house on the outside, the interiors of this timber frame are a grand surprise.
Timber Home Style 10
School is in session! Use this guide to study up on trending-but-timeless timber home design styles.
Building From the Ground Up
Before you invest in a piece of land, make sure to uncover any hidden costs or terrain challenges that may arise.
Which "Wood" You Choose?
We’ve spelled out these characteristics so you can understand the role they play in your timber home’s evolution.
You'll Adore These February Decor Finds
The month of love and transition from winter to spring presents the perfect opportunity to transform your home's decor.
How to Pick the Best Property to Build On
Want to land the perfect piece of property for your timber home? Here are the down-and-dirty questions that need to be answered...
Seal It With a SIP
Consider these benefits of the highly insulating, energy efficient structural insulated panels, aka SIPs.
Working With Timber Home Builders
There are a few things you can do to help your builder help you. And it starts with complete honesty and transparency in these ...

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