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The Craft of Timber Framing

Dive into the world of timber framing, from timeless traditions passed down through generations to today's most beautiful timber frame homes.

The Top Timber Frame Home Floor Plans of 2021
The Most Popular Timber Frame Floor Plans of 20
We ran the numbers, and according to our readers, these are the most popular floor plans on timberhomeliving.com this year!
5 Distinctive Elements of a Timber Frame Home Interior
Septimber 21 Landing Page
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Reflections on Craft and Building Connections
Timber Framers Guild Centuries Old Timbers Find New Life
How Centuries-Old Timbers Found a Fourth Life
In a historic timber reclamation and up-cycling story, some nearly 500-year-old timbers begin their third use, or fourth life, ...
Korea War Memorial Update
Restoring a Memorial to the Korean War
How Cascade Joinery helped restore a memorial pavilion dedicated to the “Army of Compassion,” which saved the lives of more tha...
Creativity in Collaboration: Structural Support for One Artist's 'Project of a Lifetime'
How Cascade Joinery helped renowned carver Felix Solomon with ‘the project of a lifetime’: creating a 38-foot totem pole that t...
Timber Raising
Jim’s Barn: A Deaf Timber Frame Raising
For the Love of Craft
Our Favorite Feel-Good Timber Home Stories
In celebration of SepTimber, the editors of Log & Timber Home Living are taking a look at some of the stories that capture the warm and inviting spirit of timber homes.
Timber Frame Detail
Timber Framing's Legacy: The History of This Iconic Style
With its roots firmly planted in Old World Europe, the tradition of timber framing branched out to North America and grew strong.
The Timber Frame Way
Once you familiarize yourself with timber framing, you’ll start to see its influence everywhere. Here’s what you need to know.
A New Timber Home With the Look of a Historic Lodge
New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee has seen generations of family histories created along its shores. This timber-framed home a...
Why Timber Frame Homes Are So Sustainable
It’s not only the wood that makes people fall in love with timber frames — it’s their natural sustainability.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Timber Frame Homes
Timber frame construction has been used for centuries and is increasingly popular today – here’s why.
4 Unique Timber-Frame Traditions
In the timber-frame construction process, there are a few steps and traditions not found in conventional home building, and they're all part of the charm and history of the timber-framing craft.
Timber Frame History: Learn About This Old-World Practice
With its roots firmly planted in Old World Europe, the tradition of timber framing branched out to North America and grew strong.
The Case for Designing a Custom Floor Plan
Before you set your sights on the stock-plan route too firmly, you may want to explore the benefits of drafting a timber home tailored specifically for you and your family. If you’ve been scrutinizing floor plans but just can’t find the right fit, here’s a case for going custom.

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