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Planning a timber frame home involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, choosing wood, specifying a timber frame style, and more.

Creating a Single-Minded Design
There’s no shortage of benefits to single-level living. Here are a few–plus some pro pointers!
Building From the Ground Up
Before you invest in a piece of land, make sure to uncover any hidden costs or terrain challenges that may arise.
Which "Wood" You Choose?
We’ve spelled out these characteristics so you can understand the role they play in your timber home’s evolution.
How to Pick the Best Property to Build On
Want to land the perfect piece of property for your timber home? Here are the down-and-dirty questions that need to be answered...
Let’s Get Together with ADUs
Family compounds and accessory dwellings are more than a trend, they’re a movement. Log and timber home environments are perfec...
Don't Be Clueless About Costs
If you’re on the brink of buying a well-earned retirement abode, make sure your budget is enough to keep you within your means.
A Timber Frame Floor Plan to Balance Privacy and Entertaining
Just like each project that Colorado Timberframe is a part of, this floor plan was designed to both exceed clients’ expectation...
Meet the Timber Framers Guild
Get to know the Timber Framers Guild, which unites all who love this timeless craft.
Where Does the Money Go When Building Your Home?
Everyone works within a budget. When building a home, there are ways to maximize your money and close the gap between price and...
Become a Master of Multifunctionality
Design your mid-size home to be everything you want and need it to be, now and in the future.
See The Jerry Rouleau Award Winners of 20
Awarded by the National Association of Home Builders for their exceptional approach to design, these three timber home plans ha...
How to "Rightsize" Your Home
To help you get started, we tapped Woodhouse, The Timber Frame Company for their expertise on the right way to rightsize.
How to Maximize a Mini Design
Sometimes, you have to dream big to build small. Here’s how.
Tips for Creating Your Forever Floor Plan
These are the keys to a home that will transition through life with you.
Draft Your Dream Team
Here’s how to choose the right subcontractors to build your home.
Where the Smokies Meet the Rockies
This hybrid timber home is reminiscent of the lodges of the West, and it’s the perfect showcase for a husband’s passion for the...
Staying Energy Efficient Amid Chillingly High Heating Costs This Winter
The average cost of home heating is expected to increase by 17.2% since last winter, according to the National Energy Assistanc...
Make Your Home Built to Last
The keys to log and timber home longevity — and low maintenance — start in the construction stage.

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