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Expert advice for building a timber frame home, including advice on timber frame construction, eco-friendly building, window options, framing & trusses, insulation tips, wood choices and construction site management.

Dirt to Done: The Finish Line
Our Dirt-to-Done hybrid timber home is finally complete! Step inside the result of this Rocky Mountain labor of love.
how to detect roof damage
Pro Tips: Detecting Roof Damage
Dirt to Done 7: DIY FYI
The year-plus hybrid-timber-home journey is nearly over, and our couple has the finish line in their sights. To get there, they...
Q+A: Are Metal Roofs Environmentally Friendly?
Dirt to Done 6: Inside Job
Our timber home journey is nearing its end, as the owners perform the finishing work themselves.
12 Tips for Adding Rustic Charm to Your Home
Whether you have a log home, a timber frame or conventional construction, every house can benefit from a few rustic touches. We...
Dirt to Done 5: From the Outside In
In part five of our Dirt to Done series, the frame and walls are up, and the attention turns to our Colorado timber home’s mech...
This Material Adds Instant Character to a New Home
Here's how to incorporate reclaimed wood into your timber frame home.
Simple Steps Any Homeowner Can Take to Improve Home Security
A streamlined, self-sufficient strategy for home security.
Dirt to Done Webinar: Planning, Designing, and Raising the Frame.
This on-demand webinar outlines the first half of our Dirt to Done series involving the planning, designing, and building of a ...
Design Details: Choosing the Texture of Your Timbers
The texture of your timbers is an integral part of your home’s frame.
Dirt to Done Video: Episode Two
As part of our "Dirt to Done" series, join us for an interview with Timbercraft's Bob Sternquest and writer Griffin Suber, as t...
Dirt to Done: A Fresh Start
Dirt to Done Video: Episode One
As part of our "Dirt to Done" series, join us for an interview with Timbercraft's Bob Sternquest and writer Griffin Suber, as t...
Dirt to Done 4: Rise to the Occasion
It’s frame-raising day at the site of our Colorado build! And there’s nothing more exciting than finally seeing a timber home t...
How to Design a Quieter Home
Expert tips to nullify the noise:
What to Expect on Frame-Raising Day
What you should know about the day your home’s timber frame goes up.
Dirt to Done 3: Lay of the Land
A thorough assessment of this Colorado home site (and a little sweat equity from the owners) helps the Timbercraft crew keep th...
Designing for a Narrow Lot
Make the most of a slender site.

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