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The Welcome Home Series

Follow along with our Welcome Home Series to see the full timber home process–from the initial ideas scribbled on paper to the first look at the finished home. You never know what you'll learn along the way.

The Grand Reveal: Our Welcome Home Series
Our “Welcome Home” series retreat is complete, ready to host friends and family and is much more than meets the eye.
The Welcome Home Series Part 4: Passing Inspections
Attention to detail in the design and planning stages allowed this family vacation home to pass a trio of building inspections with ease.
The Welcome Home Series Part 3: Raising the Frame
After finalizing the design details, the next step in this Riverbend Timber Framing home’s journey to completion is to cut and raise the frame.
The Welcome Home Series Part 2: Designing a Timber Home Dream
After laying the groundwork for success in Part 1 of our series, the Riverbend Timber Framing design team gets to work, crafting …
The Welcome Home Series Part 1: A Timber Home Away From Home
Our Welcome Home Series is back! This time, we follow a Florida couple’s dream of creating a second-home retreat for their grown …
Canadian Timberframes Journey Part 3: How to Design a Timber Frame Exterior
The exterior of your timber frame is just as important as the inside.
Canadian Timberframes Journey Part 2: How to Find the Best Time to Begin Construction on a Timber Frame
Construction runs smoothly thanks to a little forethought and attention to detail during the design phase.
Canadian Timberframes Journey Part 1:The Makings of a Lakeside Legacy
Our Welcome Home Series is back! This time around we’re heading north, to Ontario’s picturesque “cottage country,” where we’ll follow one family’s timber-home project from start to finish. To get the inside scoop on what goes on during the custom home building experience, follow this step-by-step journey over the next four issues of Timber Home Living.
Olsen Family Journey Part 1: Taking the Plunge and Building a Dream Home
What happens when one family takes the plunge and decides the time is finally right to build their timber-frame retreat?
Olsen Family Journey Part 6: Element of Surprise
The Olsens’ home is nearly complete thanks to creativity, collaboration and — of course — a few last-minute design decisions.
Olsen Family Journey Part 5: The Timber Home Building Process & Lessons Learned
Expert advice during the building process takes the Olsens’ timber-frame project from good to great.
Olsen Family Journey Part 2: Laying the Groundwork
With their timber-home plans in hand, this family is finished laying the groundwork, and is ready to break ground and get their f…
Olsen Family Journey Part 3: Built to Last
The planning is done. The design is finalized. The timber frame has even been raised. Now it’s time to watch a dream become reali…
A Timber Home With Perfect Bicoastal Style
This Canadian cottage is complete, and it's a perfect combination of bicoastal style. Tour the modern waterfront home now!

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