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A number of elements contribute to your unique timber home design. Get expert advice on decor, furnishings, timber frame finishing materials and floor plan design.

This ADU is an Entertainer's Delight
With a blend of thoughtful design and exceptional, local materials, a visionary team transforms a Pennsylvania pool house into a backyard destination.
Your Guide to Succession Planting
The secret to a super-productive vegetable garden, no matter its size.
The Home Topics Everybody's Talking About
What home ideas have people talking? See the list below and how you can incorporate these into your life too.
Designing for Your Passions
Get inspired with creative spaces that were designed specifically for their owners’ favorite pastimes.
Designing Your Home from A to Zinc
To get you started, we’ve corralled some of our favorite furnishings, finishes and finds for log and timber homes, from A to Z.
A Primary Bedroom with Natural Sophistication
The secrets to a rustic, refined and restful bedroom lie in clean design and repetition, both in materials and colors.
Wise Buys for Smart Homes
With the advancement in smart home technology, the phrase “there’s an app for that” has never been truer. Here are a few of the e…
These Small Bathrooms Make a Big Splash
Small bathrooms are deserving of strategic design. Make the most of your space with these 10 big ideas for little lavatories.
Design Ideas are Just ’Round the Corner
See what’s possible with log and timber design when you think outside the box.
Creating a Home for Happily Ever After
Design your log or timber home with long-lasting function and flexibility.
Timber Home Style 10
School is in session! Use this guide to study up on trending-but-timeless timber home design styles.
You'll Adore These February Decor Finds
The month of love and transition from winter to spring presents the perfect opportunity to transform your home's decor.
Shop the Look: Big Sky, Bigger Style
In this study, the character-rich, rustic-meets-refined design ethos is on full display.
Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home
Thanks to new technology, your options for lighting your log or timber home are smarter, greener and easier than ever before.
What to Consider When Lighting Your Timber Home
Appropriate lighting in your log or timber home is necessary for both safety and enjoyment – indoors and out.
Decor Finds for a Refreshing New Year
A new year is beginning, temperatures are dropping and the snow is falling, making it the perfect time to reflect on your home's …
All About Incorporating Zen Gardens
Bringing Zen garden elements into your yard can change the landscape — literally and figuratively.
Shop the Look: First Place Finishes
With swatches from the car company’s iconic black, red and gold palette, the interiors of the home pop against the impressive oak…

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