Planning a timber frame home involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, choosing wood, specifying a timber frame style, and more.

Wall & Roof Options for Timber Frame Homes
Understand the wall and roof choices for your timber home.
Timber Home Destinations: Traverse City, Michigan
From cherry-picking to wine-tasting, snowshoeing to kiteboarding, there’s a little something for everybody in the midwestern to...
What’s a Timber Frame?
A timber frame is a home that uses a frame structure of large posts & beams instead of the 2X4-stud “stick frames” that are typ...
Choose Your Timber Home Truss System
Strong and stylish, trusses hold their own. Learn how to pick the best timber home truss system for you.
A 1,200-Square-Foot Timber Home in New York
Downsizing your home may be the ultimate luxury. If you don't believe us, just take a look at this cozy home:
built in bookshelves and mantel
The Beauty of Built-Ins
When a home employs the open-format layout popular in many timber homes, it can be even more difficult to find places to stash ...
9 Steps to the Perfect Timber Frame Floor Plan
One major benefit of timber homes goes well beyond the wood. It’s the opportunity to configure that wood — in other words, you ...
Timber Home Living placeholder
4 Steps for Buying or Building a Timber Home
Follow these fundamentals, and you’ll be on the road to timber home perfection. These steps will show you how to buy or start b...
Barn Home Style
This short Q&A with top timber frame experts explains why the charming and classic barn style home is now more popular and mode...
Planning Pointers from the Pros
Planning tips from some of the top timber home designers in North America.
Customizing Popular Home Floorplans
Three companies share their most popular designs — and the secrets for customizing them to suit you.
10 Questions to Answer Before Building a Timber Home
The answers to these 10 questions will help to get your project off to a running start when you're ready to start building a ti...
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Home
Building a hybrid home is one way to achieve the signature timber frame appearance while controlling overall costs.
Post and Beam Homes 10
Understanding the basics of post and beam construction.
How Much Do Timber Homes Cost?
The answer is, “It depends.” Here are some of the variables to keep in mind when estimating your costs.
Farmhouse Style
Vintage appeal meets modern design in a home style that has stood the test of time.
Enclosing Time
Timber homes save you energy, time and money — from the outside in.