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Get an Insider Look at This Home's Timber Frame Structure

An impressive timber frame is the backbone of an awe-inspiring home. Read on to get the scoop on how it’s done.

Written by Suzanna Logan
A main tenet of good home design is that the structure suits its surroundings. We’ve all seen the imposing, city-style home that towers beside understated cabins, or the converse: A simple cottage surrounded by million-dollar mansions. They stick out on their sites like sore thumbs. It’s important to match your home to its environment.
For the team from Colorado Timberframe tasked with creating a home on a scenic New Mexico knoll with 360-degree views that include the Sierra Blanca Mountain range, this meant creating a structure that could hold its own against a jaw-dropping landscape. A timber frame was a natural choice — both impressive and able to withstand the environmental extremes. The plans for the home included eye-catching architectural features, like walls of windows, a lookout tower and an abundance of local stone — all exceptional in their own right, but it’s when you look underneath the exterior that the real awe sets in.

Thanks to photographs of the bare frame, we’re giving you a rare glimpse into how a timber frame supports various facets of its finished structure. After all, as any timber frame enthusiast knows, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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