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Colorado Timberframe

Colorado Timberframe has a portfolio of expertise that will help you with any timberframe project—from providing you with a structure to fit your blueprint to creating a complete enclosing shell package that can be shipped to your homesite.


Company Details

Address: 1005 South 120th Street Unit 101
City: Lafayette
State: Colorado
Zipcode: 80026
Contact: Get a Quote

Colorado Timberframe

Situated on the front range of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Timberframe has its finger on the pulse of this construction revival. Meshing the newest technologies with time-proven design, craftsmanship, and artistry, Colorado Timberframe homes are turning heads across the nation.

Colorado Timberframe’s state of the art 30,000 sqft facility features the industry’s leading CNC (computer numerical control) equipment to accomplish the highest level of quality, precision, and efficiency for fabricating timbers. In addition, Colorado Timberframe sits on eight acres of air-dried Douglas Fir, the most reputable choice for structural timber, tending to be the straightest, strongest, most stable wood in the world. In conjunction with, Colorado Timberframe has a highly skilled design team and fully staffed crew of master timber framers who will come to your site to complete the assembly and installation of your package.

Providing Custom Timber Frame:
• Homes
• Lodges and Chalets
• Horse Barns, Arenas, and Equestrian Centers
• Pergolas and Covered Decks
• Pavilions
• Entry Gates
• Bridges
• Commercial Structures

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