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Planning a timber frame home involves more than just the floor plan; here you'll find expert advice on everything you need to get started, including budgeting, buying land, choosing wood, specifying a timber frame style, and more.

Q & A: How to Convey Your Ideas to Timber Frame Professionals
The things you need to do before you start talking to your timber frame professional.
3 Tips for Downsizing Your Timber Home
Good things come in small packages — even when it comes to your timber home. Check out these tips on downsizing your home.
Special Spaces: 4 Rooms to Personalize Your Timber Home
From quiet corners to hobby hangouts, consider adding a few extra personal places when designing your new home.
The Lifestyle Home: Timber Home Design
We asked two timber-home design teams to create two different timber frame house plans to match lifestyle requests from consumers.
Timber Frame House Plans: 10 Steps to Perfection
How do timber-frame house plans come into being? A methodical approach works best. Follow our 10-step plan to get the perfect d...
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Cutting Costs in Home Building Budgets
Your home-building budget may have shrunk in the past 12 months. But you can still get the home you want while spending less.
6 Tips for Working with Contractors
Developing a positive relationship with your contractor is a key to keeping headaches to a minimum.
home construction budget
Can We Afford This? Setting a Home Construction Budget
How much should you budget for building a house? Here's how to develop a timber frame home construction budget to avoid running...
Getting Creative with Natural Materials
How creative can you really get with natural building materials?
We Take This Floor Plan and Customize It Six Ways
We Take This Floor Plan and Customize It Six Ways
Floor plans are more flexible than you think, so we took one floor plan and re-designed it six different ways.

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