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Expert advice for building a timber frame home, including advice on timber frame construction, eco-friendly building, window options, framing & trusses, insulation tips, wood choices and construction site management.

Dirt to Done: A Fresh Start
Dirt to Done Video: Episode One
As part of our "Dirt to Done" series, join us for an interview with Timbercraft's Bob Sternquest and writer Griffin Suber, as they talk about articles one and two, "Dirt to Done: A Fresh Start" and "Dirt to Done: Better by Design." From the first steps to figuring out design options, hear what they have to say about the steps they've taken so far.
Dirt to Done 4: Rise to the Occasion
It’s frame-raising day at the site of our Colorado build! And there’s nothing more exciting than finally seeing a timber home t...
How to Design a Quieter Home
Expert tips to nullify the noise:
What to Expect on Frame-Raising Day
What you should know about the day your home’s timber frame goes up.
Dirt to Done 3: Lay of the Land
A thorough assessment of this Colorado home site (and a little sweat equity from the owners) helps the Timbercraft crew keep th...
Designing for a Narrow Lot
Make the most of a slender site.
Dirt to Done 2: Better by Design
From a basic sketch to bona fide plans, this is how the McVays’ vision for their timber frame home took shape.
Dirt to Done: A Fresh Start
Dirt to Done 1: A Fresh Start
Our popular project chronicle is back with a brand new hybrid timber frame home! Follow along the journey of planning, designi...
Timber Terms Demystified
Timber Terms Demystified
Traditional timber framing vs. post-and-beam…what do they mean?
What is Shou Sugi Ban?
The ancient Japanese heat treatment of Shou Sugi Ban is the latest trend in wood homes.
How SIPs Help You Save Money
Get an Insider Look at This Home's Timber Frame Structure
An impressive timber frame is the backbone of an awe-inspiring home. Read on to get the scoop on how it’s done.
The Benefits of SIPs & ICFs
The Difference Between Timber-Framed Home Kits and Log Home Kits
Here's how these two beloved home types vary–and how they're similar:
Korea War Memorial Update
Restoring a Memorial to the Korean War
How Cascade Joinery helped restore a memorial pavilion dedicated to the “Army of Compassion,” which saved the lives of more tha...
Creativity in Collaboration: Structural Support for One Artist's 'Project of a Lifetime'
How Cascade Joinery helped renowned carver Felix Solomon with ‘the project of a lifetime’: creating a 38-foot totem pole that t...
Timber Raising
Jim’s Barn: A Deaf Timber Frame Raising
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