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Budgeting For Your Timber Home

Get expert advice on budgeting to build and outfit your dream timber frame home, including securing construction & mortgage loans, energy saving ideas, downsizing, retirement planning and more.

Don't Be Clueless About Costs
If you’re on the brink of buying a well-earned retirement abode, make sure your budget is enough to keep you within your means.
Where Does the Money Go When Building Your Home?
Everyone works within a budget. When building a home, there are ways to maximize your money and close the gap between price and j…
How to Get an Accurate Quote for Your Home
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Questions & Answers From Timber Frame Experts
Building a timber home calls for some serious decision-making. To help you make the most informed decision possible, we chatted w…
Making the Most of a Modest Budget
Here's how to make sure your money goes where it matters most:
9 Ways to Save Money on Home Construction Costs
Here are nine expert tips to keep your home construction budget from breaking the bank.
4 Vital Questions to Ask as You Plan Your Timber Home
Use these questions as a way to organize the daunting process of building a timber home.
Creating a Budget-Friendly Bath in Your Timber Frame Home
Creating an amazing, budget-friendly bath has never been easier. Here are five tips to get you started.
5 Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Materials Into Your Home
Here are a few of our favorite options on how to use reclaimed materials in your timber frame.
Why Air-Dried Timbers Will Save You Energy
Why Air-Dried Timbers Will Save You Energy
Letting nature run its course on your timbers can help preserve energy and money at the cost of time and planning.
What is a Solar Tube?
Solar tubes — also known as sun tubes or tubular skylights — can help to permanently light your home without using extra energy o…
How One Couple Made Downsizing Work for Them
Moving into a smaller home frees you from the cost and time commitment that comes with more square footage. See how this family t…
Simple Additions on Your Timber Home
Need more space? Adding on to your timber home can save you dollars — and make a lot of sense.
From Site Plan to Floor Plan
A beautiful home is one that works well for the people that live in it. Follow these guidelines for getting your ideas and needs …
8 Steps to a Smooth Timber Home Build
Construction is the most critical phase of the custom-home buying process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Know…
Hybrids Homes: The Perks of Combining Logs and Timbers
Thinking about building a hybrid home? Here are our expert tips on combining logs and timbers like a pro.
9 Steps to the Perfect Timber Frame Floor Plan
One major benefit of timber homes goes well beyond the wood. It’s the opportunity to configure that wood — in other words, you ca…
10 Ways to Make a Splash With Color

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