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What Truss System is Right for You?

The kind of structural support your design requires, as well as personal preference, will determine your home’s truss system. A triangle is the simplest form of truss, but its use is limited to small buildings. Adding a king post in the center allows for a wider span. Queen-post trusses, in contrast, look like a rectangle within a triangle. The dramatic hammerbeam truss is used to span large interior spaces and enables ceilings to soar. 



- Creates vaulted spaces

- Achieves a cathedral quality

- Can be enhanced with embellishments


King Post with Struts

- The most cost-effective

- Offers a strong, sturdy appearance

- Creates a cozy, intimate feeling


Queen Post (modified)

- Can span distances of 30 feet or more

- Offers an open area in the center of the truss

- Visually lowers the ceiling height for a more intimate feel



- Ideal for steep roof pitches

- Perfect for those seeking something unique

- Can create a narrow, cottage-like aesthetic


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