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Simple Steps Any Homeowner Can Take to Improve Home Security

A streamlined, self-sufficient strategy for home security.

This content is sponsored by VOSKER.
Thanks to modern technology and the advent of innovative brands like VOSKER, home security has become not only more advanced but also more accessible. And for homes in rural places (and job sites of future homes!), self-sufficiency is key. Now more than ever, it’s easy to design and implement your own effective security system with the right combination of super-simple safety measures and a good security camera. Here’s how to improve the security of your timber home – no professional required. 

Check your doors, windows and locks.

Your first line of defense is your locks. Start with the deadbolt. Make sure it’s tight and extends longer than one inch. Next check the strike plate. If you have the space, use three-inch screws to make it more secure. When it comes to hiding a spare key, skip the fake rocks and other gimmicks. Get a high-quality lockbox and change the code occasionally.
When leaving, ensure windows are closed and locked, even on the second and higher floors. For sliding windows, a simple dowel or bar can create a physical barrier to prevent the window from being opened from the outside. For double-hung windows, a pin lock from the hardware store is a quick and inexpensive way to double down on security.

Let smart technology work for you.

Whether a summer home in the mountains or somewhere nice and warm for winter, seasonal homes (and even full-time homes in remote locations) require special considerations when it comes to security. Luckily, smart technology has plenty of solutions. Enter: VOSKER security cameras, which are designed with harsh weather and off-grid challenges in mind. These rugged security cameras are 100% wireless (meaning no wi-fi needed) and run on a long-lasting battery pack with solar backup. (Read: you can leave it for long periods of time!) Plus, the IP65 weather-resistant rating means the camera can stand up to whatever harsh weather conditions your property faces.

Properly store valuables.

First and foremost, stash valuables inside the home and out of plain sight, including away from windows. If it’s a seasonal home, take smaller valuables with you. Bring ladders inside and make sure all recreational equipment is stored away to protect it from both harsh weather conditions and intruders.

Light it up.

One of the easiest ways to automate your home security is motion-activated and timed lights. Not only are exterior lights a key player in your landscaping plan, they can be a crucial part of home security as well. Opt for a mix of automatic and motion-sensor lights outside. Set indoor lights on timers and switch up the sequence if possible as to not create a noticeable pattern.
This content is sponsored by VOSKER. Learn more about VOSKER’s LTE-based cellular security devices that send alerts right to your phone at vosker.com

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