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Rustic Reads for Timber Home Lovers

Dive into the world of timber homes with these instructional and inspirational guides to rustic living.


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Learn to Timber Frame

By Will Beemer

This beginners’ guide takes readers through the entire timber-framing process start to finish, from sourcing wood to the finishing touches.



The Art of Hybrid Timber Framing

By Bert Sarkkinen

Jump-start your timber home planning with this book, which explores traditional craftsmanship alongside rustic and modern design styles.





By the Editors of Fine Homebuilding

The structures featured in this book showcase the flexibility, durability and everlasting appeal of a timeless American icon: the farmhouse.



How To Build Your Barndominium

By Lance Bax

Begin your barn-dwelling dreams with this comprehensive guide to everything from the cost of building to furnishing ideas, plus other FAQs!



Timber Homes

By Chris van Uffelen

The homes shown in this book are examples of all the wonderful aspects and possibilities of timber architecture and design.



Natural Elegance

By Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer

A look inside the award-winning interiors from WRJ Design in Wyoming will get your creative wheels spinning.



Cabins & Cottages

By Skills Institute Press

If you’re dreaming of your own small abode for full-time or vacation use, this reference book lays out approaches to building shelters in unconventional locations.



Rustic Modern

By Chase Reynolds Ewald

For those who aspire to strike the perfect balance between polished and natural, this peek inside real properties that have achieved just that is a wealth of inspiration.

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