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Pro Tips: Detecting Roof Damage

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Roof damage can be the silent ruin of many a perfectly good home. Since the roof isn’t easy to access or inspect, breaches can go undetected for years, undermining underlayment, impairing insulation and wrecking weathertightness.

“Hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms and even heavy rain can cause roof damage,” says Gregg Hicks, vice president of modernize.com, an online home improvement and services resource. “Undetected and untreated roof damage can cause long-term structural issues.”
The site highlights three common causes of roof-related storm damage and instructs homeowners on how to determine whether or not repairs are necessary. Here’s what to look for, depending upon the storm:


Problems caused by hail can be detected easily because there will be dents (metal) or tears (shingles) in the roofing material.


High winds during a storm can lift, remove or crack shingles, leaving the roof exposed to the elements.


Although harm from water may not be as obvious from the ground, signs include curled or missing shingles, discoloration or peeling.
If your house has weathered the kind of particularly tough storm much of the United States has been experiencing the past few months, it’s wise to take a walk around the perimeter and look for potential issues.
If you suspect damage and need the help of a pro, Modernize.com brings a network of more than 1,000 contractors and professionals across all segments, offering broad geographical coverage and choice. For more details, check out modernize.com.

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