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Dirt to Done Webinar: Crossing the Finish Line

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Watch Bob Sternquist, James Miller and Peg McVay in "Dirt to Done: Crossing the Finish Line", our free, on-demand webinar.

Download our on-demand webinar to hear from Bob Sternquist, who, in addition to being the former President & CEO of Timbercraft, is also a general contractor at his timber frame & SIP installers construction company, Tower Hill Installations. In this webinar, we dive into the second half of our Dirt to Done series, which covers the step-by-step process of building a timber frame home in Colorado. We also cover every step of the process, including the mechanical systems, the interior work and crossing the finish line. Bob is be joined by the president and CEO of Timbercraft, James Miller, and the homeowner, Peg McVay.
Take a look at the Dirt to Done articles that this presentation covers.
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