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Dirt to Done Video: Episode Two

As part of our "Dirt to Done" series, join us for an interview with Timbercraft's Bob Sternquest and writer Griffin Suber, as they talk about articles three and four, "Dirt to Done: Lay of the Land" and "Dirt to Done: Rise to the Occasion." From navigating the land to beginning the build, hear what they have to say about the steps they've taken so far.




Take a look at the articles:

Dirt to Done: Lay of the Land

Dirt to Done: Rise to Occasion



Join us as we navigate the design process with the homeowners and Timbercraft. You can find all the latest installments of the Dirt to Done series in the print magazine and here on timberhomeliving.com. Plus! Stay tuned for new webinars that dive into the process of creating this home.


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