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Floor Plan Fundamentals

The secret to building a perfect timber frame home starts with mastering a few floor plan fundamentals. Get expert advice on designing the perfect floor plan for your log home, and choose the size and layout that fits your family's lifestyle.

Inside the Floor Plan: Building on a Slope
Is an ADU Right for You?
Enlisted for everything from keeping elderly family members close by to earning extra income, accessory dwelling units are flex...
Floor Plan Problem Solvers
Floor Plan Problem Solvers
Avoid potential design pitfalls with these smart workarounds:
8 Ideas to Make Your Floor Plan Feel Welcoming
8 Ideas for an Inviting Floor Plan
Easy tips to design a floor plan that's warm and welcoming:
Ranch Style Home
Design Tips for Ranch-Style Homes
This humble single-level staple gets a contemporary makeover.
North Carolina Hillside Home Floor Plan
Inside the Floor Plan for This Hillside Home
The owners of this North Carolina home were avid travelers, spanning the globe in search of new adventures ... until they saw t...
Colorado Timberframe Industrial Kitchen
A Guide to Different Timber Home Architectural Styles
Trying to decide which style timber frame is right for your new home? The experts at Colorado Timberframe have a few pointers:
5 Tips for Designing a Floor Plan That "Flows"
Expert tips for designing a gratifying timber home floor plan:
The Case for Designing a Custom Floor Plan
Before you set your sights on the stock-plan route too firmly, you may want to explore the benefits of drafting a timber home t...
How to Decide Where to Put Your Timber Home's Chimney
A reader writes in wondering where to put a chimney to get the most bang for their buck...
12 Tips for the Perfect Timber Frame Floor Plan
Take it one step at a time, and use these 12 tips to create a floor plan that will satisfy you now and in the future.
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How to Make a Little Kitchen Have a Big Impact
No matter your square footage, here are a few ideas for kitchen space savers.
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
The Benefits of Building a Hybrid Timber Frame Home
Whether you want an eclectic look or a way to keep the budget in check, a hybrid timber home offers a variety of advantages.
4 Must-Haves for Your Not-So-Big Home
4 Must-Haves for Your Not-So-Big Home
Jonathan Orpin, founder and owner at New Energy Works Timberframers, shares four things to include in even the humblest abode.
8 Design Elements for a Comfortable Timber Frame
8 Design Elements for a Comfortable Timber Frame
No matter the size of your home, be sure to leave room for these 8 design elements that will make your timber home comfortable ...
6 Guest Room Tips for Saving Space
6 Guest Room Tips for Saving Space
Make the most out of your guest room by following these space-saving tips.
Three Smart Solutions for Small Timber Homes
Make the most out of your small timber home by following these easy steps.
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