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Timber Home Photos & House Tours

Find inspiration for your dream timber home by browsing our selection of beautiful timber frame home tours and timber home photos to find the right design for you. View timber homes by region, architectural style, size or siting.

A New Home With Timeless Style in the Texas Hill Country
Equal parts polish and patina make this Texas home absolutely transcendent.
Waterfront Views and Custom Touches Make This Timber Home the Ultimate Gathering Spot
Every square inch of this Nebraska lakefront home is centered around creating an irresistible gathering place for family and fr...
For One Family, a Barn Home in Nebraska Is a Respite From Busy City Life
Wide-open stretches of Nebraska countryside make the perfect backdrop for a family farmhouse.
This Timber Home Puts the Spotlight on the Beauty of Wood
An unexpected offer on his existing house led a log and timber home pro to design a bigger, better timber frame home for his gr...
Reader Spotlight: A New York Hybrid Home Is One Couple's Dream "Basecamp"
Eighty-five acres and a timber hybrid are the foundation for a new marriage and back-to-nature lifestyle.
A Dreamboat of a Home in Colorado's High Country
A spec house comes to the rescue of a Philadelphia couple longing for a Colorado retreat to call their own.
When "Almost Heaven" Takes the Form of a West Virginia Timber Frame
A wrong turn on a West Virginia highway puts one couple on the right path to the timber home promise land.
This Ohio Home Proves Just How Sophisticated Barns Can Be
One fun-loving couple’s approach to life includes living in a barn — and storing antique automobiles in the living room.
A Sweet and Simple Timber Frame Home in New York
A New York couple lead a honey of a life in their perfectly designed timber frame home.
A Rustic Refuge in the Catskills
Rugged and refined elements come together with dramatic effect in this personalized timber frame home in the Catskills.
An Oklahoma Timber Home With Global Influences
A family of jetsetters settle down in an Oklahoma timber home, then fill it with treasures from their travels.
A Timber-Framed Bali Retreat
A look at the art of a timber frame across the ocean.
Featured- Barn Style
This Home Gives New Meaning to "Barn Style"
Most equestrians have to trek to the barn to saddle up for a ride, but this timber home owner doesn’t have to leave the house –...
A “Timber Tudor” With Storybook Style
A “Timber Tudor” With Storybook Style
A northern couple heads south to build a Tudor-style timber home with enough charm to transport you far, far away.
Old Meets New in Montana
Solid timber construction and soothing interior spaces invite visitors of this Montana ranch to linger a little longer.
Featured: For One Family, a New Home Is a Return to Their Roots
For One Family, a New Home Is a Return to Their Roots
A California couple builds their dream home in Montana right next to land homesteaded by their ancestors.
Tobias Timber Exteiror
Our Favorite Feel-Good Timber Home Stories
In celebration of SepTimber, the editors of Log & Timber Home Living are taking a look at some of the stories that capture the ...
A Wisconsin Timber Home With Its Own Private Gallery
Is it a home with a museum or a museum that someone lives in? This timber tribute to Native American culture is a bit of both.

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