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Where to Build Your Timber Home

What are the best places to build a timber frame house? Pick the optimal location for your post and beam home with our best insights on different cities, towns, and geographic regions-- with helpful tips about wood species availability, climate considerations, waterfront access, mountain siting and more.

How to Pick the Best Property to Build On
Want to land the perfect piece of property for your timber home? Here are the down-and-dirty questions that need to be answered before you buy.
Pitch Perfect: Designing for a Sloped Lot
Designing for a sloped lot has its ups and downs, but with creativity and proper planning, you can call a mountainside site home.
10 of the Dreamiest Mountain Locales
Situate your log or timber home in one of these 10 mountaintop spots and say “hello” to the high life.
Q&A: What Should I Look for When Shopping for Land?
The 3 Most Important Things When Choosing a Location
You may think that the first step on your timber home journey is designing the house, ­but it’s not — it’s deciding where you wil…
Q&A: Design Options for Steep Slopes
What You Need to Know to Build Remote
Many people dream of building their “little house on the prairie.” Few know what it takes. With a little vision and a lot of plan…
Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land
A short and sweet list to help you walk through this big decision.
How to Pick the Right Piece of Property
Scouting your property early in the process can uncover hidden costs and design challenges. Here’s how to prepare.
What to Look for When Buying Land
Use this checklist to make sure you find the right piece of property for your timber home.
5 Tips for Building a Timber Frame in Snow Country
Keep your home wonderful year-round with these tips to building a timber frame house in cold weather
Climate Considerations: How to Design a Floor Plan for the Weather
Similar to when you're purchasing a property, designing for one is still all about location, location, location.
From Site Plan to Floor Plan
A beautiful home is one that works well for the people that live in it. Follow these guidelines for getting your ideas and needs …
4 Steps for Buying or Building a Timber Home
Follow these fundamentals, and you’ll be on the road to timber home perfection. These steps will show you how to buy or start bui…
Talk of the Town: Floyd, Virginia
A tiny treasure box of culture and charm in western Virginia.
Talk of the Town: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene.
How to Choose Property for Home Construction
Before you start designing and building your home, you'll need to pick your property. Here's how to choose property for home cons…
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Private Road Ownership
Sharing a private road with your neighbors can be a great way to ensure peace and quiet for all—if you do your homework. Here's w…

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