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Sundance Coatings, LLC

Sundance Wood Coatings is a homegrown manufacturer of a unique proprietary stain-sealer by a family owned business out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Company Details

Address: 3050 Hunsinger Lane #20981
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Zipcode: 40220
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Sundance Coatings, LLC

SUNDANCE PREMIUM "LOG*1 COAT" is our stain sealer formulated specifically for Log homes. It provides enhanced penetration, extended protection, a uniform beautiful wood finish, and an all-in-one application with easy long-term maintenance. Our products have higher oil viscosity & content values delivering a longer-lasting stain sealer that protects from all of nature's elements. They will bestow a beautiful deep rich, natural, and perfectly even wood finish that becomes part of the wood and not something lying on top.

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