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You're in love with the warmth of wood or you wouldn't be building a log or timber frame home. Your choice of heating system, always an important consideration, is even more important in a log or timber frame home. A Radiantec underfloor radiant heating system is the smartest choice you can make. It's hands-down the most comfortable heat there is, but there are other reasons for choosing a Radiantec system.


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It's Invisible.

timber frame log home A Radiantec underfloor system is fully contained within the floor. There are no unsightly radiators to compromise your home's aesthetics or interfere with furniture, door or window placement.

It's Clean.

With radiant underfloor heat there are no fans or blowers to blow dust, pollen and pet dander about so you'll breathe easier and your home's beautiful wood surfaces will stay cleaner.

It's Healthy.

Radiant heat does not dry out the air the way baseboard or forced hot air does. It contains more moisture and operates at lower temperatures, something your skin and breathing passages will appreciate during the winter months.

It's Efficient.

Our super-efficient heating systems are capable of heating your home and your hot water from a single high-efficiency hot water heater. In a well insulated home Radiantec systems use up to 30% less fuel than conventional heating systems. And because a Radiantec system requires no drilling into frame panels or logs, insulating qualities are preserved and drafts are eliminated.

You can install it yourself.

The owners of log and timber frame homes often involved in the actual building of their homes and Radiantec systems are designed be installed by capable do-it-yourselfers using simple tools. Radiantec provides free design assistance, a detailed installation manual and toll-free telephone support before and after sale. If you wish, Radiantec will help you locate a qualified Radiantec installer.
  • Solar is an ideal partner for your Radiantec system. Solar can provide 30-90% of the energy required for space heating and up to 95% of that required for domestic hot water.
  • A Radiantec system costs less than conventional heating. And you thought you couldn't afford radiant!
  • With Radiantec, you can't afford not to install radiant. Over the past quarter century, we've used proven, simple technology and factory direct marketing to become the leader in affordable, reliable radiant heating.
  • Radiantec systems not only cost less than other radiant systems, they cost less than forced hot air and baseboard hot water heat!

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