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Narrows Creek Timber Frames

Narrows Creek Timber Frames offers excellent reclaimed timber framing for quality homes, structures, gazebos, shades, and other home, business, or garden structures that are structurally sound and safe, and will pass inspection the first time round.

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Company Details

Address: 215 West Street
City: Loganville
State: Wisconsin
Zipcode: 53943

Narrows Creek Timber Frames

Transforming dreams into reality

Do you have a beautiful timber project in mind but not sure where you should start to bring it to life? Narrows Creek is your starting place if you want your timber project to be a dream come true.
Whether it’s an entryway or a completely framed building, we provide excellent reclaimed timber framing for your project and strive to provide each customer with the tailor made timber frame project of their dreams.
Our creative designers and craftsmen have over 40 collective years of experience and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers.
We provide services to the Upper Midwest including: Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North and South Dakota. Or WHEREVER your dream takes us!

About Us

Narrows Creek Timber Frames is a privately owned company located in the beautiful forests of South Central Wisconsin. Started by Brook & Shean Severson, Narrows Creek Timber Frames is passionate about our customers, treating every single one like family. We aim to exceed your expectations throughout every step of your project.
Our team is comprised of a creative designer, skilled craftsmen, and staff with over 40 years of experience committed to the satisfaction of our customers. NCTF takes great pride in knowing we bring quality workmanship to each timber frame we touch.
With service throughout the Midwest, in locations such as but not limited to:
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Indiana.
Narrows Creek Timber Frames has a strong focus on naturally-sourced wood materials. We care about sustainable building, as the environment is now being negatively impacted by manufacturing industries who use chemicals and toxins.
Timber is a sustainable product. We’re pleased that most forestry nations are now following government policies on tree regrowth. Not only is timber 100% natural, but re-growable, and timber-designed buildings require less energy and time to build. We’re proud that we can be a part of the change in the world by reducing greenhouse gases and waste.
We also care about families and the community. When you use timber in the construction of a building, that means there are no chemicals or gases leaking into your home. Your family is protected. The community is also protected, as no toxins are being leached into the surrounding soil or water supply.
At Narrows Creek Timber Frames, we hand cut reclaimed timber frames because we care about the environment.
Here are Narrows Creek Timber Frames we employ local workers and believe in paying them a fair wage. We also care about our workers and ensure that all safety protocols are followed. We have Workers’ Compensation Insurance and ensure that all policies are followed.
Our company has a combined total of over 40 years of timber framing experience. We’ve been around for some time. Timber frames is all we do. We don’t do other construction trades, or build with manmade materials, concrete, or steel, only timber. We also ensure that our hired workers have the licenses and training required to work with us. We don’t hire people off the street who don’t know what they’re doing. It’s important for us to build quality homes, structures, gazebos, shades, and other home, business, or garden structures that are structurally sound and safe, and will pass inspection the first time round.
We are well-respected within the timber frame and construction industry. We build well to deadline, but we don’t build too quickly. Quality is more important to us than turning a profit. We want to be a part of your community and believe in supporting local charitable causes.
We would love to provide an accurate quote for you. While we’d love to quote over the phone, we really have to see the site and drafting or architectural plans first. If you don’t have them, we can provide any services related to building timber framed structures. Once we fully understand your project we’ll get to work on estimating costs of materials and labor and can then provide you with an accurate quote.
Working with us is simple. Simply give us a call or send a message through our online form. Our expert will call or respond back in a timely manner. We also enjoy hearing your reviews and comments.
To see more of what we do, we invite you to check our Portfolio on our site. You’ll see photos of many of our timber framed structures and rooms, including great rooms, a house’s front entry, a porch, and a garage entry.  We look forward hearing from you soon!

We offer a full range of Timber Frames services

If you are looking to get your Timber Frames project done right, the first time, look no further than Narrows Creek Timber Frames.
Our services are tailored towards you, our customer, where our goal is to not only provide you with a truly beautiful Timber Frame project you can be proud of but a unique and wonderful customer service experience. Our friendly staff will walk with you through the entire process and ensure you are receiving exactly what you desire.

Reclaimed timbers

Did we mention we strive to be environment friendly? We would love to use reclaimed timbers on your next project!
We hand cut reclaimed timber frames to bring out the beauty and character of each timber.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t let your valuable dream project fail at the hands of average timber framing companies.
We will spend every inch of our efforts and time in bringing your dream project to life in a cost-effective way; keeping in mind how important every dollar and every little detail of your project is to you.

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