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Frameworks Timber

What If Your Home Could Have A Profoundly Positive Impact On Your Life?

Frameworks Timber

Company Details

Address: 208 Racquette Drive, Unit F
City: Fort Collins
State: Colorado
Zipcode: 80524

Frameworks Timber

We swear you’ll sleep better in a timber frame home. Through our collaborative process, we build homes that intentionally improve the lives of those who live there.

Has anyone listened to your idea of the perfect home? We would like to! When clients collaborate with us, they provide the energy to create, to change, to build.

Here Is How Our Process Works:


It all starts with an introduction. What should we know about your project? What are your must-have features? If things go perfectly what does the end result look like? Should we meet in person?

Qualifying Meeting

Examine us and our process. Start asking the less comfortable questions. Is this the right fit for your project? Do you want to fill out an application to build and start our partnership?


We’re designing, we’re estimating, we’re selecting, we’re engineering, we’re realizing. Your project is becoming more literal by the day. You will have questions, we’ll have the answers.


When you started, did you expect building to be the easy part? (It is.) From breaking ground to move in, watching you see your home come to life is our favorite part of the process.

How Do You Project the Cost of Your Timber Frame Home?
Money is an important factor for everybody. We’ll provide pricing at several places, starting now. How do you determine if your project is financially feasible? Based on projects we previously worked on and today’s labor and material costs here in Colorado, we suggest using $350-$450/sq.ft as a starting point.

Investments are refined during our pre-construction phase once we’ve answered key questions like: What’s the square footage? What selections were made? Are there any special features? Want to know more? Reach out. We can answer your questions.

Building For The Love Of It
What draws you to timber framing? Is it the safety and security it provides? Or is it visual indulgence, the breathtaking beauty of it? This building style stirs desire, there’s no doubt about it. Timber framing is iconic. It has stood, bold faced & proud, through centuries. Are you ready to take the first step and have a meaningful conversation about your house goals? Call Frameworks today! Ask for Adrian. (970)568-4900

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