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Best Bee Brothers

Save your home from the destruction of carpenter bees! Best Bee Brothers carpenter bee traps are proven highly effective at eliminating carpenter bees, also known as wood bees. The traps are simple to use, well built, attractive, and require virtually no maintenance. Just set one up and watch it fill with carpenter bees!

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Address: 12745 W Townsend St
City: Brookfield
State: Wisconsin
Zipcode: 53005
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Best Bee Brothers

Our unique trap design is the result of years of study and research into carpenter bees resulting in the ULTIMATE trap!  The overall design mimics the nesting habits of carpenter bees to naturally and safely draw them into the trap.  Once inside, it is virtually impossible for them to get out.  
Our two most popular carpenter bee traps are the Best Bee Trap and the Pinewood Box Trap.
Best Bee Trap:
The Best Bee Trap is our #1 seller. The exterior body is made of soft wood with three strategically drilled entrance holes that mimic the natural home of wood boring bees.  The internal funnel guides the bee into the bottom clear trap, rendering escape impossible. 

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