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What You Need to Ask Your Timber Provider Before You Hire

Jeff and Stephanie Bowes of Canadian Timberframes share three topics to address before choosing a timber provider.

Written by Sara Brown
Photography by Canadian Timberframes
What You Need to Ask Your Timber Provider Before You Hire

Timbers & Timing
“Many companies will wait to source lumber until after the contract is signed — a choice that can affect your overall construction timeline. This approach also can impact the type of lumber available. If you know you want a home that will incorporate some large timber members, you’ll need to know the largest piece of timber each company can manufacture before signing on the dotted line. Also make sure those extra-large timbers won’t come with an added charge.”

Timber Finishes
“When you’re collecting quotes from companies, ask about the finish options for your timbers. With a factory finish, the staining is done ahead of time and all the components come ready to install. Ask if your frame will arrive pre-stained or if it will need to be done onsite. Either way, this expense should be included in the final quote from the company. Keep in mind that staining onsite will add time to construction.”

Rendering Capabilities
“You should have a full understanding of what each company has to offer, from the construction elements to the design process. There are a lot of things that go into a house other than the timber frame, so understanding a company’s full range of capabilities is important.”

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