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What to Consider When Lighting Your Timber Home

Appropriate lighting in your log or timber home is necessary for both safety and enjoyment – indoors and out.


 Home by Modern Rustic Homes; Tom Harper photo. See more of this home here.


Appropriate lighting in your log or timber home is necessary for both safety and enjoyment – indoors and out. It’s both an art and a science, but ultimately, lighting boils down to three main categories: 


Ambient Lighting

Provides overall brightness and is the foundation of a lighting plan.

Fixtures: Chandeliers, ceiling- or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights


Task Lighting

Provides additional lighting to perform specific jobs. 

Fixtures: Directed track lights, pendants, under-cabinet fixtures and portable floor and desk lamps 


Accent Lighting

Provides visual interest to highlighted areas.

Fixtures: Directional can lights, spotlights, sconces, puck lights, rope/ribbon lights and candles



With this understanding of function in mind, use the following questions to determine what might need an update in your own space:

Is my lighting strategic?

Successful lighting design is all about matching the perfect light source to the intended function in the right place. Identify the spots you want to emphasize, and then direct light towards them.


Do the fixtures reflect my style?

Swapping the fixtures in your living space is the quickest way to update the design. Adding something current while keeping your personal style in mind makes for a look that’s equal parts up-to-date and authentic.


Have I included unexpected spaces?

Lighting is great for defining style, setting the mood and performing practical tasks. But don’t underestimate the power of placing a surprising fixture in a space or using one unconventionally, which can add major interest to a room. Consider ideas like installing LED, color-altering strip lights above kitchen cabinetry, hanging pendants next to the bed (in lieu of table lamps or sconces) or adding a chandelier in a walk-in closet or laundry room. 


Should I add dimmers?

A dimmer is an inexpensive tool that can dramatically alter the ambiance of your space. You can install an app-controlled dimmer system through the whole home or a dimmer box in certain rooms where you want to set a specific mood every now and then.


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