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The Grand Reveal: Our Welcome Home Series

Our “Welcome Home” series retreat is complete, ready to host friends and family and is much more than meets the eye.

Written by Griffin Suber
Photos: J.E. Evans, Courtesy of Riverbend Timber Framing
Leanna Everett’s neighbors are always barging in through her back patio, wiping their boots in the foyer and making themselves at home. They eat her food, use her pool table whenever they want and sleep in the guest room without asking. She doesn’t mind, though, because the invaders are her grandchildren.
On 17 acres in Marysville, Ohio, this single-story, ranch-style timber home was built for family. Joining Leanna on the property are her brother, daughter, grandkids, and mom. Together, they make up Four Generations Farm. Like the home’s physical orientation, which faces the other family homes instead of the road, the interior layout was designed to maximize quality time.
An open design combines the great room, kitchen and entertainment area into a combined recreational space. “I can be cooking dinner while the kids are watching TV. The grandkids will be playing on the floor, somebody else will be playing pool while another person will be mixing drinks,” says Leanna.
Early on in the planning phase, Leanna knew she’d want to gather all 11 family members around one table for meals. A custom-built cherry wood dining room table — the centerpiece for good food, shared memories and lots of laughter ­­— sits at the junction of these three areas and at the exact center of the floor plan, acting as an anchor for the home, literally and figuratively.
The interiors were designed around other special pieces, including a couch,  zebra-skin rug, antique statue and a family-heirloom painting that would require its own feature wall. During the crucial design phase, Leanna’s partner in the project — Riverbend Timber Framing — took exact measurements to ensure the pieces would fit the space. Leanna also crafted many of the home’s interior design around the special pieces. For example, she opted for bold, dark-toned lamp shades and curtains in the great room to pair with the zebra-skin rug.
Other than the striking decor and communal opportunities afforded by the spacious great room, Leanna’s favorite home feature is the structural insulated panels (SIPs), which keep her home cool in the summer and warm during frigid Ohio winters. The solid-core insulation that SIPs provide reduce air leakage and are more energy efficient than traditional fiberglass batts or even spray-foam insulation. “My spring electric bill is $60 for the whole house,” says Leanna. “That’s having three grandchildren, two teenagers, my family in and out and cooking three times a week for everybody … I’d highly recommend going with panels.”
A well-sealed home allows for ample windows and lots of light. High ceilings lend themselves to the home’s open design and are supported by white-pine posts and beams. Floors in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen and great room, needed to be tough, so Riverbend’s team went with engineered wide-plank hardwoods stained in a dark truffle hue to hide scuff marks.
Despite all of the great interior offerings, the most popular hangout spot is actually outside the home. In addition to plenty of comfy seating, the rear patio features an outdoor fireplace, overhead fan, stereo system and television — everything one needs to enjoy the outdoors year-round. So when Leanna receives an impromptu visit from her impulsive “neighbors,” she — and her timber frame home — are ready to welcome them with open arms.

The Everett Home from Start to Finish

See how Leanna Everett and the Riverbend team took this timber frame home from daring dream to ravishing reality. Catch up on the entire Welcome Home Series here. 

Home Details

Square Footage: 2,725
Designer/Timber Provider: Riverbend Timber Framing

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