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The Step-by-Step Story of a Family Timber Retreat

From start to finish, we invite you to follow along with one family's journey as they plan & build their family timber retreat.

In upstate New York, the Olsens and the design team at New Energy Works Timberframers worked together to create a home many people only dream about. From laying out the groundwork to dealing with construction-slowing weather to perfecting the final details, these six stories detail each step of the building process. 


1. From Dream to Design

What happens when one family takes the plunge and decides the time is finally right to build their timber-frame retreat? Thanks to a well-documented design/build process — and a homeowner’s willingness to share — over the next four issues, we’ll follow the Olsen family’s journey from start to finish, and get the inside scoop on exactly what goes on during the custom home building experience. V__D9E0

2. Laying the Groundwork

With their timber-home plans in hand, this family is ready to break ground and get their frame in place — but not without a few last-minute considerations.

3. Built to Last

The planning is done. The design is finalized. The timber frame has even been raised. Now it’s time for the Olsens to watch their dream become reality. V__CB08-1024x575

4. Worth the Wait

Weather delays halt progress on the Olsens’ build — but not for long. photo-2-1024x768

5. Timber Home Lessons Learned

Expert advice during the building process takes the Olsens’ timber-frame project from good to great. photo-5-1024x805

6. Element of Surprise

The Olsens’ home is nearly complete thanks to creativity, collaboration and — of course — a few last-minute design decisions. Olsen5

7. The Big Finish

Taking a risk with mixed materials pays off in the Olsens’ New York retreat. Photo32-1024x767

8. The Great Escape

The home-building experience has come to an end. But for the Olsens, life at their getaway retreat is just beginning. 20160709-_DSC2214

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