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The Most Innovative Fireplace Options on the Market

These smart fireplace products promise the irresistible warmth and glow of a fire without the fuss — plus some fancy tech features to boot.

Written by Suzanna Logan
Having at least one spot where you can cozy up in front of a fire is practically a requirement when you own a log or timber home. But what isn’t necessary? The constant tending and messy cleanup that come with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. So we’ve rounded up alternatives that offer the ambiance and warmth of an old-fashioned fire with some cool (or should we say hot?) tech-forward features thrown in. So, even if you think nothing can rival wood-fueled flames, don’t be surprised if one of these innovative products sparks your interest.

Napoleon Ascent™Series Gas Insert

This gas insert is customizable with a variety of natural elements, including driftwood-style logs and a glowing rock or sand ember bed, but the real standout is that every function of the fireplace can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. Napoleon’s eFIRE app allows you to set a timer, adjust flame height and blower speed, as well as change accent colors within the ember bed.  napoleon.com

Dimplex Opti-myst® Pro 1000 Built-in Electric Firebox

If you think water and fire don’t mix, you haven’t seen this electric insert in action. Gone are the days of faux fire that didn’t fool anyone. This unit’s realistic “flames” are created with the use of ultrasonic technology that converts water from the built-in tank into a fine mist. The LED lights reflect against the water molecules, creating a dazzling flame-and-smoke effect. The unit also features high quality sound integration with realistic crackling sounds that reinforce its authentic-fire vibe. dimplex.com

Regency® Horizon® HZO60 Outdoor Gas or Propane Fireplace

So realistic, visitors might just ask if they can throw another log on the fire, this 60-inch showstopper ensures plenty of room for family and friends to gather ’round. The outdoor-only approved unit features stainless steel burners and enough heating power (64,000 BTUs) for chilly nights. Customize with artisan-crafted driftwood logs, natural stones or colorful fire-bed crystals. regency-fire.com

Napoleon Woodland Series Electric Log Set

Get instant ambiance in a pre-existing wood or gas fireplace with an electric log set. Hand-painted resin logs glow and flicker gently, thanks to built-in LED lights. They never become hot to the touch, making them ideal for homes with pets or children. Control the height of the flame, intensity and heat output with a remote control. napoleon.com

Heat & Glo Grand Oak Gas Log Set

For those with an existing masonry fireplace hoping to enjoy the mesmerizing flicker of flames without messy cleanup, a gas log set is a smart choice. Simply place the set in your existing hearth, connect and create instant ambiance at the push of a button. This set benefits from a tiered-burner system that creates a multi-level fire, adding even more realism to the refractory cement logs. heatnglo.com

Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplace

Heating your home with wood efficiently, safely and cleanly is a possibility with a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace. It uses centuries-old masonry heat technology combined with modern engineering to store the fire’s heat energy in its thermal mass and then radiate it back into the home up to 24 hours after the fire has gone out. www.tulikivi.com

Quadra-Fire Trekker Series Pellet Insert

Give your fireplace an eco-friendly edge with a pellet-fueled insert. As the name suggests, these units run on small pellets of compressed biomass or, in layman’s terms, compacted corn, sawdust, soybeans, cherry pits, etc. (Keep in mind that electricity is needed to power the auger that releases the pellets into the burn chamber. A 120-volt power supply should suffice.) Trekker inserts feature up to 51,000 BTUs, E2 technology to achieve 83.2 percent efficiency and a seven-day wireless programmable thermostat, along with cast-iron construction. quadrafire.com

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