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The Latest in Smart Technology

No longer reserved for the Jetsons, home automation and connectivity is a reality for anyone who wants it. Check out seven of our favorite inventions.

Written by Suzanna Logan
Why settle for simple home products when you can elevate your life with smart devices that will make everyday routines easier, save money and even keep your family safe? Once considered a fantasy of the future or  a luxury reserved for the wealthy, new innovations in smart home tech have made it accessible for all. Check out what’s new, what’s hot and, most importantly, what’s smart in the world of connected home products.

Talk to Your Faucet

Photo: Courtesy of Moen
Need an extra hand in the kitchen?  Using this Moen smart faucet is easier than asking your spouse or kids for help. In addition to wave-sensor technology, it combines voice-controlled automation through your home smart speaker so you can give commands, such as, “Dispense two cups of water at 100 degrees.” It also offers the ability to pre-set personalized commands in the Moen app, so you can complete kitchen tasks like, “Fill the dog’s water bowl,” hands-free.
Shop it: U by Moen, moen.com

Clear the Air

A smart home thermostat is cool — or hot, depending on the season. But the M5 Classic ups the temperature-control game by offering whole-home system management. Besides offering hands-free temperature control in the app, the device can monitor air quality, water leaks, energy management and security. (Plus, it has a sleek, retro design that mimics the company’s original 1953 thermostat now housed in the Smithsonian.)
Shop it: Honeywell Home M5 Classic, resideo.com

Wireless Refuge

Living off the grid and owning a smart home security device might not sound compatible, but it’s possible with this wireless, portable security camera. This LTE-based cellular device allows for photo surveillance where WiFi network is unavailable, so you can stay safe in even the most remote mountain retreat. Built-in solar panel technology and a long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery make it ideal for areas with limited access to electricity.
Shop it: Vosker V150, Solar Powered LTE Cellular Outdoor Security Camera, vosker.com

Lock and No Key

Carrying around a house key is so 2020. The Lockly Vision is an all-in-one smart lock featuring a biometric fingerprint reader, offline access codes that allow convenient visitor access, a built-in HD video doorbell plus two-way audio streaming to your smartphone and real-time alerts that let you know when your door is open or closed.
Shop it: Lockly Vision™, lockly.com

Weather or Not

Your landscape (and water bill) will benefit from this sprinkler with smart water technology that connects to local weather data and automatically adjusts the amount of water delivered to your plants based on things like soil conditions and sun exposure. You can also program a schedule on your smart phone, if desired.
Shop it: B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timer by Orbit B-hyve, bhyve.orbitonline.com

Singing in the Shower

Bring music into your bathroom the smart way with this innovative Bluetooth shower speaker. The smart design features recycled ocean plastic and a hydroelectric generator that pulls 100 percent of its power from your flowing shower head. (An internal battery allows the tunes to go on for 20 hours after the water stops.) Built-in controls allow you to change up your listening experience without ever touching your phone.
Shop it: Shower Power, ampere.shop

Wash Away the Work

Doing laundry recently topped the “most disliked chores in America” list, but this washer is working to change that. AI technology-based sensors detect load size and fabric type then automatically select the optimal cycle and proper amount of detergent thanks to the auto-detergent dispenser. (Other winning features: it reduces cleaning time, energy usage, wrinkles and allergens.) 
Shop it: LG TurboWash 360 Front-Load Washer with AI, lg.com

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