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The Impressive Texas Timber Frame

One Texas couple chooses an impressive timber frame for their equally impressive custom home.


Photography courtesy of Timberlyne


Many homeowners choose to build a timber frame home for its understated elegance. For others, that elegance is front and center.

“These homeowners definitely wanted a house that was more ornate than we normally see,” says Gabriel Monterrubio, director of sales and senior project coordinator at Timberlyne in Boerne, Texas. “Where you often see a simple frame, these folks went for a hammer truss design, which is a little more elaborate and decorative.”

Creating the complicated frame that is showcased throughout most of the 8,606-square-foot home required a fair amount of coordination between the team at Timberlyne, designer Michael Hyden of Hyden Design Group and interior designer, Kathy Scholl. “Michael came up with a preliminary design of the house and knew the owners wanted to include a timber frame, so he came to us for advice,” says Gabriel. “We went back and forth with his design team to incorporate the frame into the final design.”

That intricate oak timber frame (chosen for its rustic look and detail that the homeowners love) became the star of the one-level, ranch-style home. “If you have the land to spread out over one level, it’s a smart choice for maintaining a stable indoor temperature,” Michael explains. “Also, in this particular situation, it worked well because they wanted all of the sleeping spaces on the same wing of the house. Everyone has their privacy, but the bedrooms are all clustered together, while the living spaces take up the rest of the plan.”

The size of the home matches the size of the site, located on the plains of south Texas. “The homeowners love that their home is positioned on a property with no neighbors in view,” says Michael. “They’re enjoying every square foot of their land — and their home.” 


Home Details

Square footage: 8,606

Bedrooms: 5  

Bathrooms: 6

Designer: Hyden Design Group

Interior Designer: Scholl Designs

Timber Provider: Timberlyne

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