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This Timber Home is a Texas Treasure

A boosted square footage gives this home more than meets the eye.

Home and Photos Courtesy of Texas Timber Frames
From the moment the owner of this impressive Texas farmhouse laid eyes on the floorplan, he knew he’d found “the one.” There was only one problem: He wanted it bigger. In his hill country location of Fredericksburg, where the neighbors include homesteaders and vineyards, he certainly had the space for it. You only get one shot at your dream residence, and he wanted it done right.
The plan that caught the owner’s eye is called the Rio Grande and is part of Texas Timber Frame’s Farmhouse series. Texas Timber Frames, along with local builder Arthur Schmidt Construction, customized the original design to include a more developed master bedroom and an extended den and office area with a balcony. “Those changes were easy to make,” says Gabriel Monterrubio, director of sales for Texas Timber Frames. “With their sturdy, load-bearing walls, working with timber frames allows you to do a lot.”
For timber, red-tinted Douglas fir was used to complement the Mexican desert tile mosaic of the roof. The front door is decorated with wrought iron and opens from the hard-stone entryway into the open and comfortable belly of the home. On approach, the roof is layered and makes the building appear truncated. Upon entry, a vaulted ceiling supported by a queen post truss system opens up the home and allows it to breathe. The king post and girt both have a diameter of 8-by-12 and the rafters are all 8-by-10.
Even before the project was complete, the homeowner couldn’t wait to move his family – and his cattle – onto the property. While the builders laid stone and fitted windows into walls, he was already onsite … mowing the lawn.

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