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Stylish Storage: Beyond Basic Cabinetry

Need help getting started with designing the right cabinetry? We share some of our favorite ways to get creative with your home's storage space.

Written by Suzanna Logan


Choosing cabinetry for your home is a big decision. While it’s important to think through the functional considerations — pull-out shelving is a game-changer, for example — your kitchen cabinetry is more than a workhorse. In today’s open floor plans, it’s on display from nearly every room on the main floor, making it the perfect opportunity to create serious visual impact and bring personality to the space. Need help getting started? We share some of our favorite ways to get creative with your cabinetry. 


Cabinetry + Color 

Not set on keeping your cabinetry au natural? Getting a little tired of white? Punch up your built-ins with paint. Here is a color guide to help you choose the right shade for your space:


Nature’s favorite pigment just happens to be the top trending hue for 2022. Depending on the tone you choose, green can suit a number of design goals. A subtle sage or deep forest green will invite a fresh feel into your kitchen. Include those same tones in your master bathroom for instant spa-like vibes. If you believe fortune favors the bold, march into the luxury zone by washing cabinets in a rich emerald. 


Like green, the gamut of blue paint colors is astonishing. Some of the most popular tones are those found in nature. Think: dusty sky, watery aqua, bold peacock or moody midnight. Whatever feel you want to usher into your space — from soothing to sophisticated — a little blue will do.


Just like the little black dress, classic, inky black relies on the accessories to set the mood. Paired with quartz and glass knobs, onyx cabinetry feels sleek and modern. With butcher block and leather, it takes on a rustic farmhouse vibe, à la a certain Waco, Texas, designer. And, with granite counters and brass pulls, a traditional aesthetic emerges.


While red may not be the first shade that pops to mind as you shop colored cabinetry, the fiery hue has its place. (And it’s especially fitting in the kitchen, as crimson tones are said to promote hunger and conversation.) If an inviting country kitchen is what you’re after, a muted barn red will lend instant warmth and cozy comfort. More vibrant tones, such as fire-engine red, may be the right fit depending on your design goals. For example, a basement kitchenette with a retro theme is sure to benefit from cherry-red cabinets alongside checkerboard floors.


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Handle It 

Never underestimate the impact of accessories. Kick up your cabinetry with the right hardware. Get started with these three tips: 

Pick Your Profile.

There are no set rules when it comes to choosing knobs, pulls or a combination of the two. The one guideline is to stay consistent. Using knobs on doors and pulls on drawers? Maintain that pattern throughout your space to keep a uniform visual aesthetic. 

Shape Up.

Knobs and pulls come in all shapes and sizes. To target your search, remember that angular designs will give your cabinetry a contemporary vibe, while rounded or curved shapes or those with added detail will lend traditional appeal.

Finish up.

From polished nickel to matte-black iron to antique brass, your metal and color options are virtually unlimited. To make a bold style statement, punctuate lighter cabinetry with dark-toned hardware or opt for subtlety by choosing a finish that’s similar to the tone of your doors. 

Keep the finishes of other metals in the room (faucets, appliances and light fixtures) in mind. It’s trendy to mix metals, but stick to two to three max to keep the look from getting messy. 


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Kitchen, Bath & Beyond

Incorporating cabinetry into other areas of your home isn’t only a smart way to keep rooms clean and organized, it can add oomph to virtually any spot. Here are a few of our favorite spaces to add cabinets: 

Elevate your bedrooms by bypassing the standard headboard and nightstands in favor of built-ins around your bed. Not only will it customize your sleeping quarters, it will add plenty of room for displaying favorite decor and keeping night-time necessities close at hand. Incorporate cabinetry into kids’ bedrooms or closets to encourage tidiness and give them a designated spot to store their treasures.

Wherever you keep your home’s entertainment-centric items, from media systems to board games, cabinetry can bring order to the mix. Beyond the necessary drawers and cabinets for stowing electronic equipment or gaming essentials, add in open shelving for showing off favorite collectibles. 

A cozy nook under a window may be the perfect place for a built-in storage bench. Flank it with shelving, if space allows, to keep your favorite reads close at hand, and add drawers below for stashing blankets and small goods.

Running a household comes with a certain amount of necessary “stuff,” often of the less-than-aesthetically-pleasing variety. But cabinetry will make even your home’s utilitarian spaces (think: mudrooms and laundry rooms) visually appealing by keeping everything from cleaning supplies and brooms to shoes and backpacks organized and out of sight.


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