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Space-Saving Solutions for Timber Frame Homes

Downsizing your square footage doesn’t have to put the squeeze on your comfort.

Photo: Heidi Long; Timber provider: Wild Wood Eccentrics
Use these simple-but-effective ideas for a small-scale log or timber home that feels open and spacious.

Go for taller windows and doors.

Not only will it afford more natural light, making your rooms feel brighter, the extra height makes it feel like there’s more floor space without adding an inch to the plan.

Design an open layout.

A clean, uncomplicated floor plan will not only feel more spacious, it creates flexibility and versatility. Make sure the flow between the kitchen, great room and dining area is unencumbered, and reduce or eliminate transitional spaces, like hallways, so that every part of the house is livable.

Keep things simple.

Strategically used natural materials (think: impressive trusses) will enhance the feeling of space. Fussiness will only make it feel cramped.

Add indoor/outdoor living.

Sure, adding decks and porches are a lower-cost way to increase your living space … but consider how you access them, too. Simple sliders or French doors are great, but collapsible windows or a garage-style door will make the whole wall disappear, creating a seamless extension of your indoor living area without adding a ton of cost.

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