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Renew Your Timber Home With Antique Decor

Antique decor fits perfectly in timber homes, which are often revered for their versatility. Complement your timber-framed home with vintage pieces.

Photo: istock.com/svengine

Photo: istock.com/svengine

One of the best things about timber homes is that they’re adaptable to any style you can imagine. Although antique decor might look out of place in an ultramodern home built to reflect the latest trends, a timber home can handle contemporary styling or timeless classics with an equal level of elegance. To infuse a bit of heritage into your new home, consider adding vintage accent pieces to give it a touch of true history.

Old and Improved.

Salvaged hardware pieces, such as timeworn hinges or drawer pulls, add instant character to any door or cabinet. For other hardware possibilities, scour antique stores for items such as locks, doorknobs, coat hooks, register covers, door knockers and more.

A Classic Recipe.

The kitchen is a great place to find practical uses for utilitarian antiques, and there are many convenient options you can include in your decor. Cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, spoon rests, cutting boards, nutcrackers and more can all add old-fashioned flair to your kitchen without cluttering up your counters with useless trinkets. You can also hang vintage kitchen tools, such as flour sifters, hand mixers and rolling pins, on your walls for a genuine farmhouse look.

Timeless Threads.

Dig through that old trunk in the attic to find handmade heirloom textiles, such as patchwork quilts, braided rugs and crocheted blankets. Such pieces can be put into everyday use as bedspreads, sofa throws and floor coverings, or you can use them decoratively as wall hangings to add big pops of color to blank stretches of wall.

Rustic Renewal.

Many non-decorative materials can find new life gracing the walls, floors and furnishings of your home. For a new spin on old items, combine different aged materials to create a brand-new look. For example, old, weathered barnwood can be used to frame a cheap flea-market mirror to serve as an attractive, rustic focal point for a hallway or powder room. Take stock of the materials you have, and use your imagination — there’s no limit to what you can create.

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