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Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land

A short and sweet list to help you walk through this big decision.

Photo:  Benjamin Davies / Unsplash
1. Will your house design fit the size, shape and topography of the land? (The more you have to change its natural terrain, the more it will cost.)
2. Will the land purchase interfere with the mortgage loan?
3. Are there land-use restrictions?
4. Is the land in a flood zone?
5. Are there special covenants or architectural review board requirements?
6. Are there easements or setbacks?
7. Is the title clear (without liens or complications)?
8. Are utilities available? Where are electrical, phone, water, gas and sewage provisions?
9. Are soil conditions conducive to development? (For example, is the region known for expansive soils? Will it pass a perc test?)
10. What are the conditions of roads and bridges leading to the land?
11. What is the projected growth rate of the area?
12. What zoning plans or changes may affect the area?
13. How far away are first responders and other necessary services, like hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations?
14. Is the site insurable for fire or other natural hazards?
15. Will you feel at home there?

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