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A California Home With Lots of "His and Her" Features

High in the hills of Northern California, a couple creates a home that brings family together while it carves out private spaces of their own.

Home and Photos Courtesy of Timberpeg 
When you live in California, especially in the wake of the wildfires that recently ravaged the state, there’s a lot to consider. First, you want to protect your most valuable asset — your home — as best you can. Second, energy efficiency is always top of mind for residents of the Left Coast. The design aesthetic of California is often modern, so you want your home to fit in. Finally (and most importantly), you want your home to be comfortable and personal. This 4,588-square-foot timber-and-steel hybrid home accomplishes all of these objectives with ease.
The success of this home can be attributed to the vision of its owners and their collaboration with design/build team of Mike Bouchard, owner of MJB Homes in Rocklin, California, and his cross-country partner, New Hampshire-based Timberpeg.
In true California fashion, the home was designed around outdoor living — specifically the above-ground pool and deck. “The siting of the house was based on where the pool could go. In fact, we built the pool before the house. It’s integrated into the home’s design and construction,” Mike says.
Inside, the spacious floor plan is an easy place to throw a party, which the owners do frequently. But they also like to maintain their own space. “Not only do they have his-and-her closets, they each have their own office and their own garage,” Mike laughs. Even the kitchen, with its dual-island composition, offers a his-and-her vibe.
When it comes to saving energy, everyone comes together, and so does this house. The cavities of the 2-by-6 stick-framed walls are filled with blown-in insulation that achieves an R-23 rating. The walls are then wrapped in a radiant barrier that reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the interior air conditioned. All the doors and windows are from Andersen’s 400 series, which provides an extra measure of energy efficiency. To top it off, the solar array provides all the home’s energy needs reducing this large home’s electric bill to an average of $20 per month, making this home more than just a thing of beauty — it’s a wise investment.

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