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Post and Beam Homes 101

Understanding the basics of post and beam construction.

Written by Amanda Phillips
Exposed wood, like that of post and beam construction, can add beauty, character and charm to your home. So why not explore the basics of this unique architectural design?

As you consider building a post and beam dream home (and choosing a company to produce that home) there are a few factors to keep in mind:
  • Quality and Structural Integrity:
    Are the timbers dry or unseasoned? Is the wood harvested in a sustainable way?
  • Connections:
    How are the post and beams connected? Unlike traditional timber framing, in which complex joints are pegged together, post-and-beam construction typically uses fastening hardware, metal plates or simple joinery to connect the frame members.
  • The Enclosure:
    Post-and-beam construction creates beautiful structure, but the frame must be wrapped in exterior walls and roofing to make a livable home.
  • Design & Dollars:
    While you’re choosing a team to work on your post-and-beam home, you should also have clear ideas on the design of your home and how you will budget.
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