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Turn Your Outdoor Space Into an Oasis

The “staycation” concept may not be new, but it’s recently become the norm. Outdoor living is the key to keeping our sanity now and providing a lifetime of at-home fun.

Written by Donna Peak

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, home meant everything to us. But it’s not just the rooms inside the walls that have been our source of sanctuary. We realize now, more than ever, the vital role our outdoor living spaces play in our daily lives. Fresh air and beautiful scenery are just the start — you need to design spots that take full advantage of their environment; areas that fit your family, satisfy your needs and play to your interests.

We share our four favorite outdoor oases that showcase the natural log and timber home lifestyle we all love.


Make a Connection

Today’s exceptional outdoor oases start with seamless transitions from indoors to out. This timber home blends wood and steel to support a 20-foot-wide opening to the adjacent patio and fire pit. Note: The same stone-tile flooring was used for both areas, creating visual continuity and allowing the rooms to flow without interruption.


Keep Your Options Open

 Photo: Expedition Log Homes, by Roger Wade

A key element to an enviable outdoor room is incorporating a variety of ways to enjoy the space. This bi-level log home porch does just that, providing a hot tub for a rejuvenating soak, a carefree seating area in the sun and soothing shaded dining and lounging zones. The entire space takes full advantage of the home’s tree-lined view.


Relaxing Respite

 Photo: Honest Abe Log Homes, by Brandon Malone

Log and timber homes have the indoor/outdoor lifestyle built right in, and this deep covered porch is a perfect example of how to do an outdoor living room right. Kick-your-feet-up furnishings encircle a table suspended from the roof’s peak, which keeps the area from feeling cluttered and offers a sense of calm. The deep hearth allows you to cozy up to the fire as the day drifts into night. 


Cast a Spell

 Photo: Roger Wade

There’s something about an outdoor fireplace that’s mesmerizing, but its location and positioning will play major roles in how frequently it’s enjoyed. Here, a freestanding fieldstone hearth and chimney are smartly sited beside a timber-framed porch featuring scissor trusses. The unit’s location, as well as its wide hips and thick chimney, act as a windbreak. Firewood nooks flank the firebox, keeping the logs dry and making it convenient to ensure the flames stay stoked.


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