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Luxury for Less: The Great Room

Dress up your timber home's great room without breaking the bank.

The idea of a great room is a luxury in itself, but if you want to make yours even more luxurious, follow some of these tips.

1. Architectural Elegance.

Add splendor to your great room with subtle architectural details that won't break the bank. Decorative base molding is a great way to up the style ante, as are chair rails (perfect for the dining room) and handcrafted wood furnishings.

2. Faux Finishes.

Add pizazz to your great room walls with faux-finishing techniques and/or textured wallpaper that create a look reminiscent of Venetian plaster or marbleized columns. These wall treatments provide an illusion of rich texture, and they're a wonderful contrast to posts and beams.

3. Sophisticated Slipcovers.

The easiest way to perk up weathered furniture is to cover it up — literally. Today, slipcovers are available in infinite colors, patterns and textures. The myriad styles are a far cry from the basic, standard-issue slipcovers of yesterday.

4. Everyday Indulgences

Convenience is underrated — it's one of the most luxurious gifts you can give yourself in the kitchen. Affordable features such as pull-out shelving, cabinets with lazy Susans, hidden storage and self-closing doors will make a big difference in your daily routine.

5. Dressing Up.

It's often said that the windows are the eyes of the home. With such an important role, they need to be dressed beautifully. A great way to create instant splendor is with elegant swags of sheer fabric that cascade down the side of each frame and are tied back with silk flowers or ivy. This simple yet elegant treatment won't interrupt your outside view.

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