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Design Your Dream Kitchen With These Tips and Ideas

Cook up your dream timber home kitchen with our expert tips, layout advice and finishing inspiration.


As rewarding as a beautiful kitchen can be, it sure does require a lot of effort to create. Fortunately for you, that’s where we come in. Our idea guide packs in all the information (and inspiration) you’ll need to invest in the best for your timber home’s most-beloved space. Get inspired to design your dream kitchen with these tips:


Make the Transition

Transitional kitchens include elements of both traditional and contemporary design. Eclectic in nature, they mix natural and man-made materials as well as finishes and textures. This means that the hottest trend in kitchens is a perfect match for timber homes, and a clear indication that just because you’re building a wood home doesn’t mean you necessarily need to create a rustic or wood-heavy kitchen. In this kitchen for example, wood walls, flooring and cabinetry are paired with green hues, sleek granite countertops and restaurant-grade appliances.


Pick Your Paint

Painted cabinets are a hot trend in kitchen design, with white cabinets topping the charts. Given its remarkable, upward climb over the past three years, it’s clearly no fad. Use of light, medium and natural finishes has remained more or less consistent over the past year, and glazed finishes are increasing in popularity.   Whites and off-whites remain the top color schemes of both kitchens and bathrooms. Beiges and bones remain the second most popular color scheme in both rooms, followed by grays and then browns.


Open Up

Kitchens reflect our desire to create timeless traditions to share with those we love. That’s why so many kitchens today have become gathering rooms, meaning that homeowners and designers are seeking ways to ease the workhorse part of the kitchen (or at least make that part more attractive) and add comfort in its place. This trend, of course, is even more common in log and timber homes where the wood only boosts the inviting atmosphere and open, uninterrupted floor plans reign supreme.


Just Add Color

Adding a pop of color around the base of your kitchen island or along your walls is an easy way to add visual interest while still having the opportunity to keep the majority of the space neutral. Unexpected design details, like the furniture-style island legs shown here, are another way to bring some unique, one-of-a-kind character into your space.


Space Considerations

While some experts argue that the traditional work triangle is no longer necessary to create a functional kitchen space, there are some space requirements that you should adhere to when designing your kitchen. 


Countertop Prep

In terms of prep space, try for at least 12 inches of counter space on at least one side of your stovetop and your refrigerator. Aim for 158 total square inches of countertop space. (Keep in mind that an island might contribute to the total countertop space in your kitchen.) If you plan to use your island for prep space, the size of the island should be a minimum of 3-by-4 feet. If you plan to use it more for seating purposes, the perimeter of the island should allow for 24 inches per person.


Floor Space

The walking space between countertops should be at least 48 inches wide but not more than 64 inches apart. Where you’re cooking and cleaning, you’ll want to design your space with a minimum of 42 inches between all permanent structures, such as the countertops and the island. If two or more cooks are regularly together in the kitchen, you’ll probably want to bump that space up to 48 inches.


Cabinetry + Storage

The distance from your countertop to your upper cabinets should be 15 to 20 inches. (Any lower and you’ll impede your work space; any higher and it could be tough to reach your highest shelves.) As for the rest of your storage needs, designers recommend at least 18 square feet of general storage. Tack on another 6 square feet for each additional family member.


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