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Room-by-Room Ideas for a Timber Home That Brings Everyone Together

These warm and welcoming design ideas prove why a timber-framed home is the ultimate gathering spot.

Written by Donna Peak


Somewhere around late-October, as the last leaves fall from the trees, early morning frost glazes the grass and the air becomes crisp and cool, our thoughts turn toward the holidays. The closer they draw, the busier and more frenzied we get. Shopping, cooking, decorating, baking, more shopping … it seems that the more items we check off our to-do lists, the longer they grow.

There is a way to infuse some calm in all this seasonal chaos, and that’s by planning and outfitting your home to accommodate the festivities with ease. Of course an open floor plan comes standard in a timber home, but aside from an open-concept design, let’s explore some timber home hot spots to help you host the best parties at the holidays and all year through.


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